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Red Sea Sinai Dive Sites - Sharm El Sheikh, Red Sea and Middle East

For those wishing to dive the best sites in the Northern Red Sea, this Sinai Mini 3 night liveaboard offers a chance to dive Ras Mohammed, Straights of Tiran, Dunraven and Thistlegorm Wrecks. See our dive guide below courtesy of Emperor Divers.

Thistlegorm Wreck

This iconic wreck is a 'must do' dive on many divers lists. Probably the most well known of the Red Sea wrecks, the Thistlegorm offers one of the most spectacular wreck dives in the World. As a cargo ship working for the war effort in North Egype it was sunk in the same way as the 'Rosalie Moller' within 48 hours of each other and just a few miles apart. Diving the Thistlegorm is like diving an underwater museum, as if time stopped still. See locomotives, Bedford trucks, Triumph motobikes, variety of ammunition, Lee Enfield rifles and even airplane wings still in place in the cavernous holds. Maximum depth 32m - Advanced divers only.
Dunraven Wreck

This Newcastle built, 79m British steam sail ship was enroute from Bombay to Liverpool in 1976 when she struck a reef off the south west Sinai coast and came to rest upside down. Now covered in coral the wreck and reef merge with you can pick out the rudder and propeller with swim throughs possible through her hull. Swimming through Dunraven has been decribed as being inside a Cathedral with beams of light pouring in through the portholes. See old hessian ropes and the remains of wooden cargo boxes and the enormous boilers bringing to reality  life aboard this once magnificent steam driven ship. The safety stop on the reef with yellow goatfish, baby barracuda and stonefish is fascinating.

Ras Mohamed

Ras Mohamed is located off the southern coast of the Sinai peninsular in the Red Sea. Declared a National park in 1983, it is know for it's steep wall diving, covered in spectacular brightly coloured corals which decent to 1000 meters. Fed by the nutrient rich water, it also attracts a large amount of big fish. Specific dive sites worth visiting include:

Ras Ghozlani  One of the most spectacular sites with breathtaking landscape of table corals and pinnacles covered with glassfish. Previoulsy closed because of the nearby protected turtle nesting beach there is now an entry fee of Euro 5 payable locally to dive here but it's worth it.

Ras Za'atar  The most northern dive at Ras Mohamed National Park at the south entrance to the bay of Mersa Bereika. here the steep wall of Ras Mohamed meets the bay with colourful coral heads, caves and overhangs. Moving north you will come across gorgonians, sea fans and occasionally rara black coral. There are cleaning stations with Wrasse and shrimp ready and waiting, blue schools of barracuda and jacks plus the odd eagle ray. Entry fee 5 euros paid locally.

Eel Garden  Located off a small beach south of Jackfish Alley and before the Sharks Observatory. Sheltered from currents but because of prevailing winds and waves divers should take take with entry and exit. Once diving, meander through the sandy plateau, view the small cave and see the colony of garden eels. Entry fee 5 euros paid locally.

Shark Observatory  Noted for it's shark sighting (as the name suggests) but also offers towering cliff face disappearing in to the deep blue, covered in soft coral, numerous gullies and canyongs with many glass fish, hatchet fish, red mouth grouper, travellies, jacks and turtles plus sea fans at 10m. Entry fee 5 euros paid locally.

Shark & Jolanda Reefs  A world reknowned shark reef dive sites with excellent hard and soft corals, steepvertical wall dropping to 800m with a wide plateau offering coral gardens, pinnacles all with abundent fish life. In between the Jolanda reef and the main reef lies the Wreck of the Yolanda. This 74m cargo ships was sunk in 1980 transporting bathroom supplies and a BMW to the port of Aqaba when she stuck the reef. The wreck slipped to the depths leaving the cargo behind for divers to see. Other marine life includes grouper, tuna, large morays, turtles, crocodile fish, scorpionfish and napoleons. In the summer see schools of fish gathering to mate which sometimes attracts Silkies, grey reef, black tip and even tiger sharks to this site. Please note currents can be quite strong here

Straits of Tiran
Sites at this northern Red Sea dive location include:

Jackson Reef  Locally named the 'Aquarium' and 'Jackson Drift' this is a thrilling, fast drift dive past a stunning coral wall. Glimpe scalloped hammerheads from August to early October.

Woodhouse  A long, narrow reef dived as a drift dive. On the north side a canyon opens at 30m where an amazing red anemone attracts many underwater photographers. With strong currents and winds possible this is a dive for experienced divers only.

Gordon Reef  Location of the wreck of the Panamania cargo ship Loullia which ran aground in 1981. Best as a drift dive, observce a variety of coral, nudibranches, octopus and soft corals, white tip reef shark and eagle ray and many types of eel - Moray, Peppered and Gold edged. Again strong currents at the north and southern end of the reef mean divers should proceed with care.

Thomas Reef  Tiran's smallest reef with vertical plunging walls providing home to many colourful fish, gorgonians and soft coral. On the west wall, dark overhang and caves are full of glassfish and sweepers plus huge  barracuda and tuna.

Kormoran Wreck  Located north of Tiran island this dive is only during calm sea conditions. The twisted wreckage of this large container ship is lying in 6-8m it is surrounded by prolific hard coral.

Lugana Reef  The dive sites are generally known as North and South Laguna and are located on the western side of Tiran Island. Lovely drift dives in good weather conditions with rich coral and reef fauna plus Leopard and White Tip reef shark can be seen.

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