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Dive Travel Insurance

It is essential that you book a fully comprehensive insurance policy to cover your scuba diving holiday travel, health and requirements in the case of an accident.

Sportif Dive holidays do not sell insurance but it is a fundamental term of booking that you are adequately covered. To help find the correct insurance cover for your needs seeour guidelines below and contact details for specialist diving and actitivies insurance companies who will be able to discuss your individual requirements. 

Booking Travel Insurance

When booking a Sportif Dive Holiday you are advised to book your scuba diving or other activity insurance as soon as you book your holiday. This is mandatory as part of your booking conditions and will ensure you have adequate cover for the following.

   Travel Cover    3rd Party Liability
   Medical Cover    Insure your own equipment
   Cancellation    Insure your rental equipment

There are many insurance companies offering travel cover, with varying conditions, so we recommend you checking the small print carefully before you purchase your insurance, to make sure you have the levels of cover you require. 

Coronavirus Covid-19 Cover - Frequently Asked Questions

It is an essential part of your holiday planning to get adequate insurance cover. Here are some of the questions we have been asked about cover.

Will my travel insurance cover me for Covid-19?
If you purchased your travel insurance before early to mid March 2020 you are likely still to be covered. It will depend on the wording on your policy supplied at the time. It is worth checking the exclusions and calling your insurance company to check your exact cover.

I have rebooked my holiday for a later date, will my  travel insurance cover me for Covid-19?
Most insurance companies are allowing customers Travel Policy to cover a rebooked holiday, at a later date, with the same level of cover. It is worth checking your policy wording and calling your insurance company to get confirmation of this.

I haven't bought a travel insurance policy yet - will I get cover for Covid-19?
Over the recent months, many travel companies have amended their cover and changed their terms and conditions to exclude Covid-19 related claims whilst still offering travel insurance. 

However there are some insurance companies that are offering cover whilst abroad for Covid-19, including cover for sports and activities, through Campbell Irvine. For more information, click on the logo below or here.

For enquiries call
Opening times 
9.00am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday
9.00am to 5.00pm on Saturday.  

Further information below or here

Am I covered for cancellation due to Corona Virus before and after I travel?

You can check the full details of the policy and what is covered here

It is important you check what level of cover you have with your travel insurance company for cancellation before booking your holiday. Sportif offer flexible terms for rebooking if you are not able to travel with many of our hotel partners. Some airlines allow rebooking, sometimes with additonal charges. Your bank or charge card may offer good insurance with cancellation terms. Other companies to check include StaySure, who offer special covid terms.

Does all travel insurance cover sports and activities?
Some travel insurers do not cover all sports and activities such as scuba diving, sailing, surfing, SUP or other watersports and activities. We recommend you check if you will be insured at the time of booking your policy and take out additional insurance cover if you are not covered. Campbell Irvine will cover most sports and activities with certain conditions.

My Insurance doesn't cover 3rd Party liabilty. What is this and why do I need it?
When on a Sportif holiday your sports services are booked to take place under the supervision of a professional partner centre with rigorous safety protocols. If, however, you were to be involved in an accident with another person whilst on your holiday, we would advise you have 3rd party liabilty to cover you for any potential claims against you. 

Dive Master Insurance

Dive Master Insurance has built its reputation for reliability and integrity; they are the partner the dive trade relies on and the brand is respected by sports divers worldwide.

For over 25 years, Dive Master have been providing scuba diving insurance to dive enthusiasts, pro divers, PADI instructors and pretty much anyone else who wants to ensure they’re covered whilst diving. Their scuba dive insurance ensures you are covered at home and abroad whilst diving, not just when you’re travelling, making thier insurance cover some of the most comprehensive packages on the market. Having travel insurance including scuba diving insurance takes away the hassle of trying to source several different products and will give you peace of mind when on your dive.

Dive Master scuba diving travel insurance has many benefits that other insurers do not offer, such as dive equipment insurance, search and rescue costs, further treatment when you arrive home, no depth limits, and more. They also offer coverage for wreck diving, night diving and shark diving; no matter what diving you’re doing, speak to us and we’ll discuss with you the best possible insurance options.

                          For further information CLICK ON THE LOGO below.

                      Dive Master


DAN Divers Alert Network

DAN (Divers Alert Network) is the scuba diving industry’s largest non profit association dedicated to scuba diving safety around the world. Serving scuba divers for more than 30 years, DAN provides emergency assistance, medical information resources, educational opportunities and more. Whether you are just learning how to scuba dive or are a veteran of the sport.

Dive Accident Insurance *
DAN is supported by membership dues and offers members accident insurance in partnership with insurance companies. Through its nonprofit efforts DAN first recognized the need for scuba divers to have insurance to help cover the cost of treatment for scuba diving injuries. DAN fulfilled that need by partnering with insurance companies to develop diving’s first dive accident insurance program, still the industry leader 25 years later.

Diver Safety Resources
One of DAN’s best-known resources is the 24-hour DAN Emergency Hotline, which stands ready every hour of the day to help scuba divers in need. But DAN offers a number of non-emergency resources as well, including the DAN Information Line, medical FAQs, online seminars and video lectures, real-time webinars, articles, quizzes and more.

                  For further information CLICK ON THE LOGO below.


Latest UK Government Travel Advice  
The UK Government Foreign travel advice website (FCDO) offers the latest information on advice about travelling abroad, including the latest information on coronavirus, safety and security, entry requirements here. For travelling from outside of the UK, please see the Government advice from the country you are travelling from.

Please note that for travel for scuba diving you are recommended to check the Egypt Red Sea safety and security guidance on the UK
 Government FDCO website for recommended minimum insurance cover under Adventure Travel here.

Dive Holidays Sportif

Sportif Dive is a specialist tour operator offering a wide range of diving holidays all over the world. Our choice of destinations is extensive from established locations in the Red Sea, Maldives, Caribbean and the Far East to the exotic and unusual such as Rodrigues Island in the Indian Ocean, Wakatobi, Truk, Palau, South America & the Pacific. Whether you are looking to for a Learn to Dive course, group expedition or trip of a lifetime we can help. With over 30 years experience and a personal approach, we can advise on the ideal location to suit your needs, at a price to suit your budget.

Our extensive knowledge of the destinations means we can recommend the right location for you. Our diving centres are selected for their excellent standards of service and safety. Whatever your priority, whether starting out or wishing to dive a technically challenging site we can recommend a range of options offering the best diving for when you wish to travel. We can organise all your travel arrangements for you, pre-book equipment and diving packages in advance to maximise your time when you get there.

As an independent tour operator, we select only the hotels, liveaboards and diving centres that offer the best standards and quality of service but at the right price. Without the overheads of a large mass market operator, we can offer the best value diving holidays often with great discounts and special offers.

Our consultants have many years experience in travel and are divers. They are able to closely match your needs and take time to recommend from a carefully selected range of accommodation and diving packages. With first hand knowledge, they are passionate about diving and travel and providing the perfect holiday for you.

Sportif also have a specialist multisport division offering instruction and rental packages for windsurfing, kitesurfing and surfing. Our specialist centres are located in some of our diving resorts, often minutes from the Dive Centre for easy coordination of activities. Packages offered included taster and learn to right through to intensive coaching weeks up to expert level. Children can start from 8 years.

Sportif Dive are an ATOL bonded operator which means that every element of your holiday is secure. With the worry of disruption to your holiday plans from weather disruption or airline failure you can be sure that we will be there to help every step of the way.